A colourful crochet scarf…….

grannies paperweight crochet scarf, tails and all

As well as attempting to finish the grannies paperweight blanket, one of the other projects I tried to get on with over the holidays was this scarf I’d began in the spring of last year also using the grannies paperweight crochet pattern….I’d made most of these hexagons at least a year ago and happily a lot of the tails were actually sewn in (hoorah!) I know there are ways where you can crochet the tails in as you go, but whenever I attempt to do this I end up with a really fat wodgy sausage side….I’m obviously not doing it right so for now I just resign myself to sewing hundreds of multicoloured woolly tails…..

section of hexagon scarf

I got a bit carried away when I was making half hexagons for the grannies paperweight blanket and thought as I’d already made a few extra to just keep making them so I would have enough for both sides of my scarf…..I actually ended up with enough for a couple more projects I’ll be showing soon, I’m just sorting out the edging on them.

The scarf itself is made up of 43 joined hexagons and then I made 26 half hexagons to fill the gaps.  Like the blanket, it’s made from tapestry wool, pretty much all brands have been used, I don’t really favour any in particular though if you are lucky enough to have a stash of Elsa Williams wool then I’m most envious as I found that to be the perfect weight for every round….generally I use a heavier wool for the first 4 rounds (brands such as DMC are perfect) then for the fifth and joining round I then use Penelope (that’s a proper vintage one so is harder now to find) but something a little lighter seems to work best (I find the DMC is just a smidge too fat…that may be in part because I use a smaller hook for rounds 4 and 5…anyway, see what works best for you)

section of grannies paperweight crochet scarf

I try to keep the edge quite tight and so aim for making between 16-19 stitches along the raw edge of the half hexagon, sometimes I made more and the side bulges out some so there has been a bit of unpicking to straighten it up a bit.  Once the tails are sewn in (sigh) I’ll work the edging and then perhaps gently hand wash it…..when I’ve been draping this around myself to check it’s progress the wool has felt a bit on the coarse side, however after reading about the beautiful shawl on Ella Gordon’s blog a few minutes ago I’m thinking if I gently hand wash it with lots of conditioner then it might soften up some.

scarf tip

I’m pretty pleased with how it’s turned out so far, though I’m a little worried it’s going to be quite wide by the time I’ve added an edging….it really needs edging so that the sides will be nice and straight (at the moment they are somewhat lumpy and bumpy) so am thinking perhaps a half double crochet stitch (half treble US) may be the thing to do……I’m happy with the assortment of colours, at one point it was looking very green and although I love green I wanted this to be much more of a mix.

As always I used the excellent Heidi Bears tutorial for the whole hexagons and she also has a tutorial for joining them….then I use this method for the half hexagons and this is how I join them in.

In case you are interested, I’ve now created a pinterest board which has all the pictures of the grannies paperweight blanket so far, including each stage of the hexagon and half hexagon construction….

2 thoughts on “A colourful crochet scarf…….

    1. Mmm granny squares are my favourite, you can often find them cropping up in old knitting and crochet pattern books, sewn up in odd and unusual ways to make all sorts of things…I like them because they are lovely and portable and are ideal to work on the bus or train x

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