Making stockings while the weather outside is awful……

selection of small stockings


Wretched rain and wild winds really are lashing up against the house this morning, I woke several times last night to the sound of the wind outside, and to find Bernard all snuggled up next to me snoring…….the last few days have been really cold, there’s a proper sharpness to the air so any chores outdoors are done quickly while being well wrapped up….the weather forecast for today is lots of rain, and very blustery gales……so while it’s all horrible outside, I’m all nice and warm inside, surrounded by colourful little Christmas stockings…….


little bear in a small blue stocking


The Christmas music is playing softly in the background and while it’s proper miserable weather wise, in my work room it feels nice and cosy, and very Christmassy with piles of stockings on most surfaces…..I tend to work on a few at a time, cutting out a couple of dozen at a time, then embroidering them in groups of 5 or 6, sewing the sides and linings by machine and then sewing any ribbons, trimmings and putting in the linings all by hand……..I’ve found this is the easiest way to work, it keeps the mess under control somewhat (once the stockings have been cut out, the blanket fabric can be re-folded and put back on fabric shelves out of the way and not having them piled up around me makes a big difference space wise) ….in theory the rest isn’t particularly mess making, though I always need to pull wool out of numerous boxes while looking for the right colour and so inevitably seem to make a bit of a pickle in the work room……

At the moment everything in the work room is nice and tidy, the boxes of tapestry wool and wool felts are stacked neatly against a wall…. I’m making a couple more of the little dog coats for my doggy pal Daisy (I’ve also got another friend called called Daisy but she is a human)….both are being made with Harris Tweed fabric, a gorgeous blend of sage and olive and mistletoe greens…..very Miss Marple.  One coat will be similar to the ones I made for Ruby but one is a more simple, everyday style…..Daisy is a very small little dog and I think the devil was in me* as I felt the over whelming need to try one of her toiles on Bernard….it was a purrfect fit much to his absolute horror…


small bears with stockings


I think these stockings are some of my favourites….I love the very soft pink and pale green, and the orangey red (almost a pomegranate red) is nice and I love seeing them all bulging with toys and gifts and wonder what the ones I’ve sold will be filled with……bright without needing to reach for sunglasses…….


little green stocking


I try to make each stocking as individual as I can, changing ribbon colour, trimmings, embroideries from stocking to stocking….these two were almost the same but I then embroidered the tiny background snowflakes in different colours (I use crewel wool for these as it’s much finer) so they aren’t quite identical……..

*when I was little and being naughty, the grown ups all said “oh the devil is in her” or “she’s got the very devil in her today”…and I find myself saying it now when Bernard is being a bit more mischievous than usual.



2 thoughts on “Making stockings while the weather outside is awful……

  1. I happened upon your blog a few days ago, and have since spent quite some time looking at your beautiful projects and enjoying your lovely writing. Ooh, and your cat is possible the most gorgeous of its kind I’ve ever seen. No wonder you spoil him so :o)

    1. Hi Annemarie
      Thank you for your lovely kind words….the light is so rubbishy at the moment that I’ve not posted anything new…but trust me, there’ll be heaps of new things after Christmas.
      Bernard isn’t a fancy bread, he was a rescue cat (he was originally found in a bin scoffing kebabs and chips and such like…now he is right fussy and likes to be hand fed the soft parts of brioche and croissants…he also likes sprouts) but yeah, he’s so handsome, though as the weather is windy (to match his musical bottom) he’s gone a bit doo lally, running around the house like a crazy thing.
      Wishing you a wonderful and festive holiday xx

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