Flying in a sea of colour…..or Bernard and his blanket.

stretchy kitty


While the last few weeks have been somewhat fraught for me with sewing and embroidering, making things for Christmas fairs, stocking up my Folksy shop and sending stockings overseas, someone else (who has been incredibly trumpety and windy of late) has managed to find time to take more than just a forty wink nap……now it’s colder he spends most of the day asleep indoors (in the Summer he’s outside all day and where I’ve thought he’s off having adventures I’m thinking he’s probably snoring his head off in a sunny spot in the little park behind our house)…..he’s a proper stretchy kitty………..


sleepy faced


Even though this blanket is my pride and joy (my winter challenge for myself is to get the rest of the woolly tails sewn in on the back, and crochet the edges with half hexagons) I don’t have the heart to move him off,  how could I deny Bernard the comfort of it’s warm and woolly goodness…….I love these pictures of him so sprawled out, he’s all soft and sleepy faced…his purr was most definitely turned to eleven.


oh Bernard what big paws you have


ahh Bernard what big paws you have……when he’s all sleepy he wiggles his paws so they open up, he gently kneads the air as he dreams…..when he’s in a good mood he lets me play “round and round the garden”, flexing his furry little toes as I tickle him under his chin……when he’s grumpy I get a clout round the ear so this is played at my own risk!


hmm something caught his attention


He’s generally quite a heavy sleeper but sometimes a car makes a loud noise outside and it makes him start……when it’s pippy and he is feeling cold, he snuggles round like a sleeping fox, and covers his face in under his tail….when he’s feeling all cosy he begins to stretch, and stretch and stretch….when I took these he’d been having a Sunday morning lay in with The Arpette*, Bernard had snuggled up along side him, when the beloved one finally got up Bernard decided to keep in bed….he was obviously all warm and comfy and didn’t see the point in coming downstairs.  I thought he looked so beautiful all stretched out against the grannies paperweight blanket,  he looks like he’s flying through a sea of colour…..


what what what


Then he looks up because I’ve stood there too long with out fussing him, a tummy rub is required and plenty of coasing** and stroking round his face…he closes his eyes, wiggles his toes and the deep rumble of his purr starts up again……


it looks like he is flying


When he’s all stretched out and “flying” across the blanket, it reminds me of the stories about Freyja …. she was a Norse goddess who rode in a chariot across the sky which was pulled by cats….I used to think “cats, really, they aren’t big enough for that” but then I saw some Norwegian Forest cats and suddenly it made sense (in case you don’t know, they are really massive cats, super super fluffy, they really are beautiful cats and are the sort of cat that daft people see and telephone the police to report seeing a Lion or Huge Wild Cat or Bizarre Wild Beast out in the countryside)…seeing Bernard like this, I couldn’t help but think of the goddess paintings by Susan Seddon Boulet and of Freyja’s cats pulling her chariot across a star lit sky…..


or swimming in a sea of colour


Is he flying or perhaps he’s swimming….he kept wiggling his paws, kneading (and softly paddy pawing the blanket…and plucking it too no doubt)….anyway thought he looked particularly beautiful this Sunday morning…….

* I call my sweetie The Arpette, in the fancy schmancy sewing houses at the turn of the century, the girl who’s job it was to pick up pins was called an Arpette….even if I use a magnet, the beloved one always manages to find a stray pin or needle (generally by standing on it) so this name seems most suited.

** In Suffolk we call stroking round an animals face and head coasing (in a Suffolk accent the pronunciation of the g is almost silent so it sounds more like” coas-en”, this is not the same as “coaxing” as that involves making a squeeky, or tkking noise with the tongue…..coasing is quiet and is similar to the Norwegian term kossen which means cosiness.


2 thoughts on “Flying in a sea of colour…..or Bernard and his blanket.

    1. Hi Diane, thank you, that’s so kind to say so…sadly there is a misty haze of grey cat fur over the top of it from where Bernard sprawls, but as he’s made it pretty clear it’s his blanket, who are we to complain x

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