A Julestrompe for Kornelia…..

Kornelias stocking


This Julestrompe (or Christmas stocking to you and me) was sent to Norway a couple of days ago, it’s gone to a little girl who is friends with my pal Hania.

The bunny in the stocking was made a few years ago by my friend Sasha, it’s definitely a Christmas bunny and so only makes an appearance this time of year….seriously I have so many toys and decorations made by Sasha we’re running out of space to sit and so some of my collection only comes out at Christmas…… but it’s great when we have small children round to visit as their eyes really pop when they see them all (though they do look a wee bit frightened when they see the cat that is 4 ft tall……last year our little friend Saski or it may have been Hania asked The Arpette “and where are your toys?”…he laughed and explained that I have enough for us both.

Each year I try to sneak home another toy or cushion and this year Sasha has made some lovely little cat bunting so I’m hoping to bring one home with me from Clutter City this Saturday.


detail of Kornelias stocking


And I thought I’d just share a close up of the jolly faced snowman….he’s my favourite motif of all……


tiny cream stocking with bear


I’m in the middle of embroidering and sewing some little sized stockings to bring to Saturday’s Clutter City ……these are just a nice size for filling with chocolate coins, a stick of peppermint candy, tiny play gifts to keep excited wee folk occupied while you are still bleary eyed and struggling with putting the kettle on for the earliest cup of tea in the year.


green hot water bottle


I’ll also be bringing along a nice selection of hot water bottle cosies …….these are all made from vintage wool blanket, and have a hand sewn appliqued bird motif on the front, made from 100 % pure wool felt…inside the bottle is fully lined which helps keep in the heat and makes them super warm to cuddle…they’re just the thing for people who have cold feet in bed.


blue sewing set


and there’ll also be some hand embroidered pin cushions and needle-cases….the Yuletide fair is on from 11 to 4 so if you’re in Norwich please pop in and say hello……



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