A Christmas stocking for Ivo…

ivos finished stocking


I’ve just finished sewing in the lining on this latest Christmas stocking…this one is all ready to send off to Norway to a little boy called Ivo.  (I made him a quilt earlier in the year)  Last year I made stockings for both his sisters, and then he was born this Spring.


detail of Ivos stocking


I’m really pleased with this one….I try not to make anything anymore that I don’t like making (I just don’t see the point) but these stockings really do have a big place in my heart….I never fail to smile when I’ve finished them, and love to play with them, filling them out toys and gifts to see how they’re going to look come Christmas morning. (gosh, can you imagine how disappointed you’d be to find one of these lovelies at the bottom of the bed, then only to find a piece of coal at the bottom.)

Now this one is finished I’m busy sewing up some smaller ones ready to take to Clutter City this Saturday at Norwich Art’s Centre….

While I’m sewing those I might possibly make some hot chocolate and pop in one of my favourite Christmas films, the excellent and dark Rare Exports….if you’ve not seen it you are in for a real treat.  It’s a Finnish film and is a bit scary (so not really suitable for children) …but oh my goodness, it’s so fantastic.  I’m completely in love with the little boy in it (Onni Tommila) he’s brilliant and just has the most beautiful face.



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