Charlie and the Christmas stocking…….

A stocking for Charlie


Oh my goodness, where did that year go…..I can’t believe it’s December already, I’m looking at my (well one of them) to do lists and I’m not sure how it will all get done (my list making is famed far and wide!)…I went round a friends’s house last week and she already had most of her decorations up (her house was like the most wonderful Christmas wonderland ever….all she needs is a tree and she’s set…..secretly I think she must be half elf or maybe she was raised by elves like Buddy, because she loves Christmas decorating and can transform anywhere into the most magical and smile inducing place……

I’ve not even put up the advent calender I made a few years ago for The Arpette…I’ll try get that up while he’s at work today, I’ve already got some chocolatey treats to fill it (seriously you’d think a grown man could be trusted if I filled the whole calender….ohhh you’d be so wrong.  In the past I’ve noticed the calender hanging at a semi drunk angle and realised chocolates were missing from random days, so I’ve learnt my lesson and only fill a couple of days now so the temptation isn’t so great…..hanging this calender up on the wall is one of my favourite things to do pre Christmas…just seeing it makes me smile (I had to be all sneaky and furtive when I made it as I wanted it to be a complete surprise when he came downstairs)…it’s part of our family’s (me, The Arpette and Bernard) seasonal traditions….

…and maybe I’ll get the fairy lights strung around the pictures behind the sofa…..fairy lights make it feel Christmassy (good advice from Meg Ryan in You’ve got Mail….love love love that shop)…… We’re so lucky in Norwich.  We have the most lovely independent book shop called The Book Hive, and next door to it is possibly the nicest toy shop ever called Tickety Boo.  I’ve had to pop into there recently for birthday gifts for our tiny sized nieces, and on Saturday bought presents there to send to Norway.  The staff were so helpful and friendly, and the toys are just so pretty…no plastic tacky rubbish but really nice things and even though I’m on a tight budget I thought they were reasonably priced and good value for money.

(tip to people who ask friends or relations what to get their children for Christmas and they pfaff about telling you or say “oh they like anything”….threaten to buy a penny whistle or kazoo……you get a present list extremely quickly!

Sorry I’ve rambled off on a bit of a one…


top of Charlies stocking


I posted this stocking off to Ireland on Saturday…there’s a little lad there who must have been a very good boy indeed as this is one of my Super sized stockings….These really are whoppers…..there isn’t much which won’t fit into them, possibly even Charlie himself!

If you’re in Norwich in a fortnights time ( Saturday December 13th*) I’ll be donating one of the Super sized stockings in the raffle at the Green Party Christmas Fair which is at the St. Thomas’s church rooms on Earlham Road in Norwich (it’s next to the Mitre pub if you’re feeling thirsty)…Bob Flowerdew from Radio Four’s Gardener’s Question Time will be opening the fair.


Snowman close up


……and then this Saturday coming (December 6th ) both me and my friend Sasha will be at Clutter City which is at Norwich Art’s Centre……so between now and then I can see it’ll be a bit of a sewing frenzy….with some fairy light flinging and calender hanging in there as well.

*I’m very excited because me and my foraging companion (the Delightful Miss Dasiy Bennet who makes the most delicious sloe gin of all time) have tickets to see the funniest woman in the world at The Playhouse  in Norwich later that same evening……Bob Flowerdew and Susan Calman in one day…..I think I’m just going to explode.


3 thoughts on “Charlie and the Christmas stocking…….

    1. Thank you, I always feel I’m being big headed with these but they are something I’m really proud of. Wish so much I could see Charlie’s face when he sees it full of presents.

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