Sewing stockings and getting photo bombed by Bernard…..

finished stockings


I thought I’d just show some of the working stages that go in to sewing my Christmas stockings…..these ones were for Samuel’s mum and dad (Samuel had his own one last year)…..


sewing the snowman scarf


After the motifs have been sewn, and the snowflakes have been embroidered, I then crochet a little scarf for the snowman, from past experience I find if I sew them in place when I’m still embroidering snowflakes they just catch up on the embroidery hoop (I’m still searching for nice fat embroidery hoops or a very small quilting hoop that can cope with the thickness of embroidering blanket wool).


pinning pompom trim


I’ve up-graded my tatty old piece of blanket from a few weeks ago, I’m now using one of nice new needle cases which looks a bit scary in the above picture, the needles and pins are just wedged in there somewhat higgledy piggledy ……

I like to pin then hand sew the pom pom trimming into place, I’ve tried using a sewing machine but the pom poms always caught up in the foot so found hand sewing to be rather less stressful….and I can listen to the wireless at the same time (actually at this point in the year I get out all my Christmas cds….I have a rather alarmingly sized  collection……and tend to have them playing while I’m sewing. They help me feel nice and Christmassy especially if the weather outside is just rainy and overcast).


a messy work table


I try to tidy up my sewing table each night, scissors get put away, all the ribbons and trimmings get put back into their respective shoe boxes.  Embroidery silks and sewing cottons get popped back into baskets, tins and work boxes. When I’m sewing a lot of the same, such as stockings, or hot water bottle cosies, I just push things back to around the edges of the table and then continue sewing the next day.

I kind of like the mess, ribbons and trimming, silks and threads, pieces of felt and templates all mixed up together……but after a few days it has to be tidied and sorted.  Partly my table is only so big and I start to run out of space, but also there will be some small item or a particular shade of floss I can’t find……or Bernard finds the mess rather an attraction and will want to nest himself in it. Right now it’s midway, which is when it’s at the right balance between knowing where things are and it being too much like my teenage self’s side of the bedroom.


photo bombed by Bernard


Talking of Bernard, this is what I have to put up with when I’m trying to take pictures…..the cat photo bombing.  He had a little game with the chocolate coins, chucking them all on the floor…..which is probably better than the “now you see it now you don’t” game I play with them where they end up in my tummy!




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