The anticipation of a lumpy bumpy bulging stocking……

close up of stockings


I’ve just finished sewing a couple of Christmas stockings.  These two were for a commission I received a couple of weeks ago.

I’m particularly pleased with the little Father Christmas face, he’s a new motif I made last weekend….it’s his rosy cheeks that I love the most (I just want to squeeze and pinch them).


finished daddy stocking


Last year I made one of the Super sized stockings for a wee chap called Samuel and it was smashing to hear again from his mum and dad asking for stockings this year for themselves…. it’s really special to know something I’ve made becomes part of someone’s family traditions at Christmas.


finished mummy stocking


These are both pretty large stockings and fill up nicely with a variety of presents in different sizes…I’m quite traditional with what I fill our stockings with, I always like filling the toes with foil wrapped chocolates, walnuts, chocolate coins and small oranges.  Then higher up maybe smaller sized bottles of something nice to drink and small gifts, with more chocolates (I tend to buy a big tin and cram a handful in when I’m stocking filling…..saving the strawberry centred ones for myself as those are my absolute favourites and figure no one else really likes those ones do they…) and a couple of striped peppermint canes poking out the top.

I love thinking about what’s going to get put in the stockings people buy from me… they get hung up from the fireplace before bed….do they magically appear on Christmas morning, spilling out brightly coloured presents over the bed or floor.  We don’t have little ones that I can share this yearly ritual with, but I know how special it is when you are tiny to believe in the magic of Christmas.  And the anticipation of what might be in a lumpily bumpily bulging Christmas stocking is something we never grow out of.





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