The comfortiest seat in the house……..

Bernard in my sewing chair


It’s been a bit on the nippy side lately when I’ve been getting up, Winter is on it’s way and chilly mornings are only to be expected.  Rather than put the heating on too early (it’s a bit noisy and I know if I turn it on then the whole house will be woken up b t’s grumblings and rumblings), I’ve draped a lovely yellow rose eiderdown over my sewing chair, that way I can tuck it round myself and keep warm and cosy until the heating kicks in at a more respectable hour…….. however, the down side is that “someone” else has discovered the cosiness of my sewing chair!


The comfortiest seat in the house


I’d been sewing for about an hour or so the other morning and thought to get up to make a ot of tea…I was only gone a few minutes, but when I came back I found my chair had been stolen.  I got such a pouty look, obviously for disturbing him when I could clearly see he was enjoying a forty winks.


Too sleepy to care


This is now his favourite seat in the house, as soon as I get up to make a pot of tea or pop down the road to the grocery shop he’s jumping in to steal my seat….and even at bedtime, once he’s had a late night supper, he goes running up the stairs and makes a bee line for the eiderdown chair.  A few times we’ve compromised, I pick him up and he lays back half on my lap and half in the chair…luckily the seat is quite wide and can accommodate our fat bottoms….he’s even come running in when I’ve been sitting there, and mewed at me, I’ve then budged up to make room while he jumps up and squeezes himself in….pushing me as out of the way as he can with his back legs.

I am aware I am a bit of a crazy cat lady when it comes to letting my cat boss me around…..but it’s not just me, last night he needed a tummy rub, even though he had a bowl full of his favourite food, and it was the beloved Arpette who got up, and staggered sleepily down the stairs just to attend to our furry lord and master…..


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