A stocking for Charlie

Sewing the Pudding


In between sewing the needle cases and stuffing the pin cushions, and making patterns and toiles for Lil Day-zee (I’ve given her a rapper name!) I’ve also been embroidering and appliquing some Christmas Stocking commissions…..  this one is for a little boy called Charlie.  He’s obviously been a very good chap because it’s a Super Size one (seriously these are big boys……they look brilliant when they are stuffed full with presents)

All the wool felt applique is sewn on by hand, I tend to use a mix of vintage threads and embroidery silks. Needles range form a very fine embroidery one, to super sharp sharps and a tiny quilters between.   It’s sometimes a bit of a struggle to keep the blankety fabric in the embroidery hoop….wish wish wish so much I could get a fat hoop (like the chunky quilters hoop) but in small embroidery hoop sizes…I’ve tried looking on -line and asking in shops but to no avail…..


Christmas tree


The Christmas tree always takes a while as first I cut out the tiny “baubles” (I use a regular hole punch for this, I bought a one holer but it wasn’t thick enough for the felt to fit under, so now I just carefully fit my felt underneath one of the holes in a regular two holer and that works fine.  I keep the plastic off and once the punch is through, I hold it down and remove the bauble with a little help from a pin) then each one is stitched into place using just one strand of embroidery silk (or fine silk sewing thread).




Possibly my favourite motif is Mister Snowman, these remind me so much of the giants that my dad used to make me and my sisters when we were small.  (Dad was really tall so could lift the heads on the snowmen for us)…..ours never had a fancy top hat to wear though (did snowmen ever wear top hats….) but they had carroty noses and pieces of coal form the coal scuttle for eyes, mouths and buttons……now I’m all worried, what on earth do people use now-a-days to decorate their snowmen…..

This chap still needs his scarf,  I tend to crochet those but sew them in place once all the snowflakes have been embroidered into place (if not it tends to catch in the hoop) He’s a nice big size, measuring just over 6 1/2 inches in his topper.  I love his smiley face, and if he came alive like in the animation then I’d definitely want to have a dance with him.


Christmas pudding


This is the Christmas pudding all finished……it’s studded with “fruit” and is topped with a sprig of holly.

There is also a little stocking to be embroidered at the top of the big stocking, and then the background is embroidered with snowflakes.  I love making these, and hope Charlie enjoys hanging this up come Christmas Eve.


I don’t know if you’ve already read this article from The Huffington Post back at the start of the year…….we don’t have children and the ones we know I tend to make toys for rather than buy any, however I was kind of aware of this but not really the extent.  One of my sisters used to love Holly Hobby when we were small and she had a collection of beautiful soft Holly Hobby dolls (not the scary china dolls, but lovely soft dolls that are made for cuddling) and well, I was somewhat shocked when I saw what Holly Hobby looks like nowadays… I love the little girl form the original Lego ad though, she’s brilliant and she looks so pleased with what she’d made. Growing up, me and my sisters had a huge box filled with coloured Lego, we’d tip it out all over the floor and build things, inevitably my mum or dad would step on a piece and we’d get told off but it so was brilliant to play with.  The toy of my childhood was definitely Lego.  (and you should check out Sean Kenney‘s site…..his work with Lego is amazing)





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