Pins and needles….

group of small needlecases


Finally I’ve finished sewing the little needle cases, and have just listed them in my Folksy shop.  I’m really pleased with how these have turned out, even if they did seem to take me forever and a day to sew and embroider.


blue floral fabric needlecase


I’ve sewn the patchwork on one of my sewing machines (a rather elderly darling called Dorothy, however she’s still beautiful and sews a nice neat little stitch) and have then hand embroidered using a selection of vintage silks and threads, a scattering of tiny floral motifs over the patchwork.

The flowers are pretty random where they fall, there isn’t really a pattern to them.  I always find machine sewn patchwork a little harsh, (though appreciate this is just something that is peculiar to me) and thought the embroidery softened those seams and edges.


selection of needlecases


I’ve tried to use an assortment of fabrics, mixing lovely vintage pieces with small scraps of modern reproduction cottons.

Once the patchwork was all sewn together, I gently soaked the covers in a tea bath to soften off any harsher prints.  (surprisingly some of the vintage silks I have for embroidery are a very intense and bright hue…..I’ve got some incredibly colourful little silk twists of blue,mustard,gold, red, and a green so bright it almost smells of freshly mown grass)


cream blanket inner needlecase


Inside, the lining cotton is also given a tea bath.  For the needle case inners I like to use a piece of vintage wool blanket.  These have all been slightly felted and then by hand, I’ve carefully blanket stitched around the edge to prevent any fraying that could occur.

These are perfect for all sizes of needle, from those tiny skinny betweens and straights to the more robust and chunkier darning and wool needles.


a needle case for me


After all my hard work I felt I deserved a treat so this one is for me…. to be honest I wasn’t so happy with the embroidery on it, I thought it was a bit on the heavy side so have given it a new home myself (I have more little needle cases ferreted around my studio than you can shake a stick at)


embroidered pin cushions


Along with the needle-cases I’ve also gotten round to listing the pin cushions I made a few weeks back.






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