Embroidering needlecases and another coat for Ruby…..

embroidery on table


In between some commissions for Christmas stockings, I’ve been trying to finish off these little needle-book cases and pin cushions.  For once I’ve sewn the patchwork using a sewing machine (nothing too high tech though as I gave Dorothy an airing) and then hand embroidered a scattering of tiny flowers over the seams and across the fabric.


embroidery for needlecases


Most of the embroidery silks I use nowadays tend to be vintage finds (also I am a bit of a hoarder and have tins and boxes full so won’t ever run short).  I love the soft, mushroomy and nutty brown vintage silks, I guess originally they would have been more for stocking repairs however I’m happy to embroider with them.

When I’m embroidering the sewing table soon becomes covered with strands of coloured silks and flosses.  It’s even worse when I’m making the Christmas stockings, tiny snippets of felt mix in amongst the piles of threads.


pinned edges


After what seemed like a month of Sundays the needle-cases are almost finished (though to be fair to myself, I had finished a little stack ready to take to a craft fair the other week but had a very early morning accident with a bottle of ink…this is what happens when I think “oh, I know, I’ll get up early and do extra things ” rather than just stay in bed.  Sometimes I don’t have the sense I was born with)


inside edges


I had some really lovely soft darning silks which were the perfect match to sew the edging closed.  For the linings I use tea dyed cotton and the vintage silk was the exact colour.


inside Rubys coat


And as well as Christmas stockings and needle-case sewing, I’ve also finished a second winter coat for Ruby.  It’s the same design as the first one but with slightly nicer matching welts in the buttonhole.  (She wears a harness so I needed to make a bound buttonhole for her lead to fit through)

The fabric was from Butt of Lewis Textiles, and was Harris Tweed number 228.  It’s a gorgeous tweed, really soft and the colours are just perfect for autumn.


collar and bib


The underneath part of Ruby’s coat is fixed with velcro and I made a spare, that way if she gets a bit dirty and muddy (and it’s hard to stay clean this time of year) then a clean one can be used while the dirty one dries and then gets brushed clean.

Sewing on the “Harris Tweed” official label is so wonderful……it looks so fancy and really finished the doggy coat off.

It’s rained here pretty much all weekend, thanks to a certain fluffy tummied gentleman* I was woken at six by a persistent mew mew mew, and ended up just getting out of bed and making the sponge for a slow rising bread.  It’s been out of the oven just over an hour and it’s already being tucked into….it smells lovely, I threw in a handful of sesame and sunflower seeds and they really add a warmth and wholesomeness to the bread smell.

*he wanted to be let out for a wee, so I let him out, then had to towel dry him when he came in, he stayed in just long enough to eat some breakfast then was off out again, before sneaking back in and making the chair in my sewing room all wet and muddy ….I however, like a simpleton, was standing out in the rain calling him thinking he was going to be all wet and cold.  The cat is, I’m sure, much much smarter than me.


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