Pomegranate red and a weather-worn shed……..

red creeper on grey garden shed


I noticed this creeper growing up the back of a neighbours shed the other afternoon, I thought the combination of the gorgeous red against the grey wood was so beautiful…….inspiration for another scarf perhaps.


close up of red creeper


The almost pomegranate red is somewhat translucent with a smudge of mustardy gold and just looked stunning highlighted against the starkness of the grey and  somewhat weather worn wood.

It’s not a flat solid grey, at first glance it’s just a grey, but when you look a second and third time, there are flecks of cream and pink, charcoals and silvers….maybe a tweedy yarn from Jamieson and Smith (I’m thinking their wools would be ideal for capturing the subtle colour changes in the wood)

Although I am very much a beginner at knitting (having to write down all the time which row I’m on, and getting fretful and hand flappy if I purl when I should have knitted)  I’d really like to try my hand at some stranded colourwork……I’ve been reading about this totally brilliant looking book by Felicity Ford (her Knitsonic blog is a constant source of amazing colour combinations and observations on colour when you are out and about) and it’s top of the tree on my “I really need this” list.

Even though I’m not a particularly competent or confident knitter, reading her blog makes me want to persevere and get better (actually there are a few knitting blogs I follow that are like that).  I love her use of colour and what triggers an inspiration.


4 thoughts on “Pomegranate red and a weather-worn shed……..

      1. My phone is only a very basic little thing (I’m somewhat of a technophobe) and doesn’t take photos, however it’s really on it’s last legs and am thinking my next one may well need picture taking abilities.

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