More seasonal stockings……..

tiny cream stocking with bear


I’ve been listing some more Christmas stockings on to my Folksy shop, this top one is a wee little thing, these are probably my favourite as they are just so small and tiny.

I made one for one of our little nieces a few years ago and put a tag on it saying it was from Bernard (our cat!)  I guess I should really make another one as we now have two tiny girls needing wee sized stockings.


small green stocking with bears


This size is just a smidgeon larger though it’s still pretty small and if you are all grown up then it’s just the right size for a bottle of posh scent or sparkly jewelery in velvet lined boxes……but I quite like them filled with chocolates and oranges and walnuts… they also are the perfect size for joke shop style toys, packets of pencils, things to entertain and amuse while parents are slowly waking up to a flurry of brightly coloured papers being scattered in the air.


toys in stocking


Boom Boom Boom…….these stockings should should like Godzilla stomping through Tokyo, they’re massive.  Obviously only intended for children who have been very very good.  They really do hold a whole lot of presents, so you’d only really want to buy them for someone who’d been very good.


pompom trimmed


I love this creamy white one with the coloured snowflakes.

The gorgeous bunny perched in the top was made by my friend Sasha (I’ve mentioned her numerous times before, she makes the most fantastical and brightly coloured toys).

She doesn’t sell on-line but we’ll both be at the Clutter City Yuletide Fair on Saturday December 6th at Norwich Arts Centre.

I’ll also be at the St Thomas Church rooms (near The Mitre pub on Earlham Road in Norwich) on December 13th for The Norwich Green Party Yule Fair, the wonderful Bob Flowerdew (he’s on Gardener’s Question Time on Radio 4) will be opening it so I’m sure it will be a fun day.

I’m not doing a Christmas giveaway this year, but I will be donating one of the “super sized” stockings to the Green party Christmas fair raffle so if you’re local I hope you can pop down and buy a ticket.

I’m currently taking commissions for personalised stockings, I’ve a few orders already so if you are planning to put an order in you’ll want to do so pretty soon as I allow a two week turn about time for them

And yay…..I’m all excited, one of my Christmas stockings is on the Folksy Gift suggestions page.



2 thoughts on “More seasonal stockings……..

    1. Thank you…..each time I make something I haven’t made for ages (whether it’s stockings, brooches, gingerbread or a rib sticking steamed pudding) I think “ohhh this is my favourite thing I make”……I think if I had to chose between making quilts or making stockings then my heart would be split in two.

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