Embroidery silks and tiny wee flowers……

tin of embroidery silks


The sewing gods were shining down on me this week, I found these gorgeous vintage embroidery silks for just a couple of pounds in a local antiquey shop hidden under a pile of really nasty polyester fabric  (the pretty tin was a car booty treasure that I had been using as a button tin but these silks fit in perfectly).


embroidery floss and patchwork


Lots of soft mushroomy browns and mustards, intense reds (I used to wear a lipstick that smelt of roses in this exact same red, it was totally glamorous) delicate blues and the most vintagey greens….I’ve been using them on some patchwork I’ve sewn together ready to make into needle-cases.

I’ve been embroidering tiny wee flowers with green leafy sprigs, trying to recapture some of those warm afternoons of the summer when I was going for walks over the marshes.


needlecase and pin cushion


Some of the pieces of fabric in the patchwork you may remember from when I was piecing the blocks for dear ethel….the faded pink piece with the floral print is one of my all time favourite fabrics, this was just a small scrap so it was nice to use up.

The hexagon piece to the right is a top for a pin cushion.  And my slumicky ways are on show, in the background is a piece of blanket fabric I’ve been using as a needle-case with threads all attached…normally I store my needles much more carefully but I’ve got a fair few on the go at the moment.  It’s not very pretty but is at least keeping the needles all in one place (I’m so particular that as a rule I have a separate case for each type of needle, straights, quilting, embroidery, tapestry…..it’s a bit of an excuse to hoard old needle-cases if I’m honest)


embroidery in a hoop


I’ve had this little book for a few years now ( I think it was in a bag of sewing threads from the car boot), it’s always nice to refer to and as there are only 29 stitches it’s not too overwhelming.

I don’t always use a hoop when I’m embroidering small pieces, but after I’ve sewn a few needle-case covers my hands get tired and the hoop holds the fabric nice and taut so it makes sewing a bit less finger achey.

I’m hoping to have these all finished in a day or so, then I’ll be listing them with the pin cushions in my Folksy shop.




2 thoughts on “Embroidery silks and tiny wee flowers……

    1. I didn’t really need to buy anymore, I’ve got umpteen boxes and tins full of embroidery silk and the like, however these were cheap as chips and in nice condition so I really couldn’t resist.

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