Sylvia’s button tin….

button tin


I’ve mentioned my friend Sylvia before, she’s a lovely elderly lady who over the last couple of years, has given me umpteen sewing and fabric treasures. Beautiful fifties and sixties fabrics and ribbons, old lace and sewing notions…one particularly big tin was full of tiny tins..each filled with vintage beads and sequins……

There was also a huge bag of buttons and in the bottom of that was another bag (it’s a bit like opening Russian dolls receiving presents from her) full of buttons carefully sewn on to cards.

Most of these are pretty old, and a lot of the carded ones are vintage glass buttons…. inspiration indeed to start on some fancy frocks for next year.


yellow buttons


My favourites are these lovely yellow buttons, the ones on the left are flower shaped (I think they are pansies) and are a clear plastic.  They’re a very nice mustardy yellow.


apricot and blue buttons


Some of my other favourites are these blue buttons, they’re clear plastic,with flower shapes in the centre, and then these apricot pink buttons, the colour is just perfect.

I’ve used loose vintage buttons on things a lot in the past, but I don’t tend to chop up cards of buttons unless it’s to replace some particularly grotty ones on a shop bought item. However these ones are so nice I’d really like to use them and get to wear them (rather than have them sit and a box and not get looked at) so I’m sketching out plans for some frocks where they’d be the stars.


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