Cuddling stockings and cosy things……

pink bottle with red bird


I’m slowly but surely stocking up the “shelves” of my Folksy shop……I’ve just added a selection of little bird hot water bottle cosies (it’s been so chilly here in Norfolk this last week or so that these have been a delight to sit and sew, having the blanket fabric on my lap while I’m applique-ing the birds in place has kept me very warm indeed) …this little rose pink cosy is probably my favourite (there is also one with a white bird)


blue bottle with thrush


This is the little brown song thrush all finished, and that’s now listed too.


blue trimmed stocking


And I’ve begun to list some Christmas Stockings….at the moment there are just a few of the small sized ones (I know it sounds daft but each one truly does get a little hug once I’ve finished sewing it…I never tire of sewing these and could quite happily sew them ’til the cows come home!)


raspberry pink stocking


I love this raspberry pink one too…..these are such a nice size to sew, but they are also just right to fill, in the past I’ve made them for my sisters and have filled them with small bottles of booze (a little Christmas Spirit!!), brightly wrapped chocolates, small oranges, walnuts, a couple of tiny presents…..but speaking to friends who have children these are also good for coloured pencils and small games (things to keep little ones out of mischief while everything is frantic in the kitchen and you’re still waking up)….and conveniently they are just spacious enough for bottles of Penhaligan’s scent (yes, I’m dropping a hint in case he’s reading this!!) or velvet jewelery boxes with sparkly things inside (I think I’ve been listening to Eartha Kitt too much today and it’s gone to my head!)


yellow peg bag


I’ve also listed some peg bags which I was embroidering the other week.

I’m just working on some needle-cases to match and then I’ll be listing the pin cushions (and offering them as a set)

There are also a few other items listed and more will appear in the next week or so.




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