Lavenders blue dilly dilly …….

lavender embroidery up close


As much as I like Autumn (sun shining on mustard and orange leaves, the smell of bonfires, buying roast chestnuts and eating them on the way home from town…) I’m not in the least bit keen on grey and dismal days, when the sky is overcast and the light is gloomy……so I’m trying to recapture those warm sunny days that were Summer by embroidering some sprigs of lavender…. reminding myself of those nice mornings when I was sitting on my back door step eating breakfast to the soft drone of bees, and smelling the lavender from the little bush we have growing hear the doorway ………

It’s not quite as relaxing as it would appear though as I have to use a hoop to hold the blanket tight but inevitably the hoop pops up after a few minutes (though in the grand scheme of things this isn’t the end of the world, just a minor grumble)  In the past I’ve tried using a quilting hoop but that was too big…grrr I wish someone would make an embroidery hoop which was as chunky as a quilt hoop but only 6 inches across, it would make my life a whole lot easier.


lavender embroidery


These were some peg bags that I made for the Glory Days Christmas Fair in Holt last weekend.  I like all the different shades that the lavender comes in, each plant has it’s own subtle variations in colour and hue, and I’ve tried to reflect that in my embroidery.

This embroidery hoop is proper old one, it has a lovely flat ended screw so it’s a lot easier to turn and keep tight around the blanket.  I much prefer to use them than the newer ones, although the ones I have aren’t very wide.


lavender peg pag


Each peg bag has an array of little sprigs scattered over the front.

In the past I’ve made lavender bags with sprigs embroidered in silks, they felt lovely to run my fingertips over.  The wool embroidery is more bumpy but still textured.

When I was small I’d wrinkle my nose up when elderly relatives made things from lavender, and for many years it’s something I’ve associated with little old ladies…. but then when I was in my twenties I started to really like it…..maybe it’s an age thing…..I’m also a fan of Werther’s Originals and flower centred chocolates*

But it’s not just me, rather than cat nip toys, Bernard has a lavender filled bunny he cuddles when he’s napping on the nana chair (one time he knocked over a huge kilo bag of dried lavender and then rolled in it……he smelt lovely but lavender ended up all over the house).


detail of lavender



Mostly I use vintage wools but every so often I run out of a particular shade and have to replace it with a newly purchased thread.  I’ve used a combination of stem stitch and single chain stitch (also called lazy daisy).

Whenever I’m embroidering Lavender I find myself humming this tune, (this version is by one of my favourite singers Jackie Oates…her voice is so beautiful it makes me tingle in the nicest way)

I’ll be listing some peg bags in my folksy shop in the next few days.



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