One man’s tatty is this girls’ treasure.



When I saw this array of vintage coat hangers in one of my local charity shops I could hardly believe my eyes…..49 pence a pair!  I checked with the lady at the till who referred to them as “what those tatty old things”….. and yes, they were priced right… bought as many as I could carry home.  (12 wooden hangers for the price of a latte….that’s got to be a bargain) I love hanging nice frocks on a fancy coathanger, and although these smelt a bit foisty (the fabric will be removed) I’m thinking they’ll look quite the thing with little knitted or crocheted covers.

A few years ago the Arpette’s parents kindly bought me the Jane Brocket knitting book and there is a lovely pattern in there for flouncy bloomer-esque coathangers, I’ve since made several covers for myself and it always makes me smile to see them when I open the wardrobe door.  There is also a nice crocheted shell pattern in Tif’s book, which is also on her blog  with lots of nice pictures here on her ravelry page.  I’ve not made it yet (I can’t believe I’ve been in love with this pattern for so long and not yet tried it out)….during one of the work room tidy ups I found a horrendous amount of cotton yarn I’d bought some years ago in the sales and I’m thinking once the Christmas fairs are all done with I can spend some happy, wild and wintry evenings making crocheted covers for these hangers.




The charity shop gods must have been smiling down on me as I also picked up these gorgeous vintage threads (okay not from a charity shop but one of the many bric-ity brac-ity shops that the fine city of Norwich is full of.  As always it is the names that make my heart beat that little bit quicker…..fiesta pink, dark ruby, geranium, marina green, flame……..past purchases have included periwinkle blue, gay kingfisher, elephant and possible my new favourite……sable squirrel.

All my patchwork for quilts is sewn by hand, and yes, I know I could do it by hand, but for me part of the pleasure is the sewing of small pieces of fabric together  by hand, the repetition of each stitch, the time to enjoy what I’m sewing…….and I nearly always use vintage threads…they are generally finer than new threads, and the colours seem to blend in nicer.  Certainly when I sewed the Harris tweed coat recently for Ruby, it was the vintage threads which matched the closest.  Some girls like fancy jewellery, others have huge shoe collections, but it’s colourful vintage threads for me everytime.



2 thoughts on “One man’s tatty is this girls’ treasure.

  1. Those coat hangers are beautiful. I always love seeing the fancy ones that are made specially for wedding dresses.

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