More doggy coat details

collar and lining


I’ve finally finished the rather swishy and posh coat for Ruby and popped it round to her the other evening, it fitted a treat (I forgot to take my camera but will endeavour to take some snaps of the glamour girl in her new coat as soon as possible).   Ruby is the same russet colour as the orange in the tweed so she looked gorgeous (I also got lots of lap cuddles which made a certain windy gentleman very grumpy when I got home!)

The coat is lined with a wool suiting (she’s really going to be kept snug as a bug come the colder evenings and frosty mornings…..where we live it’s quite low laying, near marshes and riverbanks.  Autumn mornings are often foggy and damp feeling, and we always seem to get more frost than in the city so wrapping up to keep warm is a must). I’ve hand sewn the lining into place with a perfectly matching vintage thread.


buttons at front


I’m not sure if it is just me, but I think the top part of the coat looks like something worn by a little ewok from Return of the Jedi…Wicket perhaps?

Vintage buttons are sewn either side of the collar (the bib which isn’t shown, is attached with velcro so the buttons are just decorative.  I checked to make sure that the buttons weren’t in nibbling reach so won’t be a choking hazard)

Rather than top stitch round the edges, I’ve used a stab stitch and hand stitched all the way round the coat so the fabric is held together.  I tried some top stitching on a scrap piece of fabric and it just didn’t look right, although the stab stitching takes a bit more time it gives a much neater finish.

After I’ve finished sewing and making for the Glory Days Christmas fair in Holt next Saturday I’ll be making Ruby another coat (obviously a lady can’t have too many coats!) with more of the same Harris Tweed.

I’ve also been emailed a few times where people can purchase the toys and colourful creations made by my friend Sasha, well she will also be at the Christmas Fair in Holt.


2 thoughts on “More doggy coat details

    1. Thank you, glad you like my doggy coat…..Rachelle (from Ted and Agnes) has a new book out called Pamper your Pooch….it’s full of lovely things to make for your dog including tasty treats, toys as well as items to wear. Sadly we only have a cat and there is no way he is going to let me dress him up : (

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