Moss and mushrooms ……..

green and orange


Walking into the city I was struck by how beautiful these copper coloured autumn leaves looked on the mossy pavement.  The moss is a mix of both the most intense bright green and a dark deep forest hue….it’s impossible not to crouch down to stroke it, velvety and soft to the touch, like a huge sleeping bear or something else wild…… even the dark charcoal of the pavement was transformed by the moss and leaf fall.


moss and leaves


The leaves are copper, persimmon and flame coloured, gold and deep chestnut brown…….it’s such an incredible contrast of colour..already fantastic colours by themselves, together they look breathtaking….like something from one of those fairy tale woods……




And thinking of fairy tales, I’m reminded by this whopper I saw growing at the base of a tree recently.  The brackets of fungi were easily the size of large dinner plates, though they looked more like fat puffed pancakes waiting to be drenched in maple syrup.


mushrooms on tree


It was a gorgeous buff and fawn colour with darker umber colouring on the top….it looked so odd, appearing within the last week up the side of the tree.  I love the contrast in colour, the fungi looking so soft and touchable, and the bark looking rough and almost silvery.

Whenever I feel a little less than inspired, going outside always lifts my spirits, seeing how colours and tones appear together in nature helps me with choices in my embroidery or patchwork, and generally I arrive at combinations I wouldn’t have thought of cooped up indoors.


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