Every leaf speaks bliss to me…..

tree in our neighbours garden


Every leaf speaks bliss to me,

fluttering from the Autumn tree……

-Emily Bronte


Right now it seems that everywhere I look there are sights to inspire…from trees that are in turn mustardy yellow, orange, deep chestnut brown and bright green (this one is in a neighbours garden and it’s such a treat for sore eyes…when the sun is shining it’s leaves look alight and on fire)….


red tree


To trees that are deep red, carmine and rosewood…….this is such a gorgeous colour.  Some of the leaves are a persimmon orange, dancing in the Autumn sunlight…….I want to knit a scarf in this colour…I’ve seen the perfect wool at my local yarn store and I’ve seen a pattern that I like a lot….. perhaps once all the sewing for the Christmas Fairs is out of the way.


horse chestnut


Each year I stop and gawp open mouthed at this tree on my way into the city, it’s leaves slowly turn the most incredible shades.  There have been times when I’ve been joined by people walking by and we just all stand admiring how stunning it looks….other times when it is raining cats and dogs I just keep my head down and don’t give it a second look….. but right now it’s a proper treat, mustards and goldenrod, mahogany and rust, tawny and bronze, chartreuse green like bright spring growth…..every few days it changes, but right now I think it looks breathtaking.


embroidry stitch inspiration


Even the dried Mare’s tail (it’s normally host to a colony of humbug striped snails, they perch right at the tip and sway precariously) is looking beautiful….




…the dry stalks and seed pods are a soft buff, almost metallic….they look like rows of carefully worked embroidery stitches….

Years ago I remember reading the phrase “magic is all around us , you just need eyes to see” and I think inspiration is like that too……



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