Crocheting the edging and filling the gaps..

chain 2


Once you’ve finished the crocheting the chain loops around the circumference of your shawl (or whatever else you may care to make) it’s time to work into those little foundation loops and build up your crocheted edge.  I find it much easier to once again place stitch markers into position around the sections where there is a straight edge before it goes in and out or zigzagedy.

Working up from where you previously slip stitched the last foundation chain, chain 2 and then make 2 single crochet stitches under the first chain loop.


chain along


In the next little loop make 3 sc, and then 3 more in the last loop.

When you come to the edge of the half hexagon, make 2 sc stitches under each loop (there are 8 loops along the length of the half hexagon so you’ll be making 8 lots of 2 sc stitches.


corner one


When you get to the end of the first section of straight edge, make your last 2 sc and then chain 1 and then work the following pattern.

Under the first loop, make 1 sc, then 2 half double crochet stitches.




Under the second loop, make 1 hdc and then 2 double crochet stitches.


joining tripel


Under the third loop work 1 double crochet, and then work one half treble stitch (wrap the yarn around the hook twice, insert the hook, wrap the yarn around and pull through, you’ll have 4 stitches on your hook, yarn over hook and pull it through 2 stitches leaving 3 stitches on your hook.  Yarn over the hook and pull it through 2 stitches on your hook.  Yarn over again and pull it through the last 2 stitches on your hook)…….


into next hexagon


Now go to make a second htr stitch, yarn over the hook twice, insert the hook under the chain, scoop the yarn through under the chain and through the first two stitches on your hook….now insert the hook under the chain of the next hexagon, scoop yarn through the first two stitches on the hook, then scoop yarn round the hook and through the next two stitches on the hook, and finally scoop the yarn round and through the final two stitches on the hook.  This makes a stitch that has two legs which closes the gap between the two hexagons.


filling it


Now work the pattern in reverse, under the first loop make a htr stitch and then a double stitch.


sc into tip


Under the second loop make 2 double stitches and then a half double stitch.

Under the third loop which will bring you up nicely to the top of the hexagon, make 2 hd stitches and finish with a sc.

Repeat along the zigzag edge until you come to the start of the straight edge.


work to stitch marker


When you come to the start of the straight edge (which is shown above with a stitch marker), make the last stitch in pattern (which is a single crochet stitch) and then make 1 chain before working the sc along and under the loops as at the start.


point one


When you reach the tip of the first tail of the shawl, make the last single crochet, then chain 1……


chaining point


and then make a sc between the two single crochet stitches of the previous round, make another 1 chain …….


work zigzag to point


and then you are working the “fill in the gap” pattern again so make a sc, followed by 2 hdc under the first loop, then a hdc and 2 dc stitches under the second loop and so on……


work down to neckline


Work this little pattern all the way down the inside tail of the shawl ……


working the neckline


When you reach the neckline work 2sc stitches under each loop until you reach the first loop of the first half hexagon….




Under the eight loop make 2hdc.  Make 2hdc under loop one of the joining half hexagon and then work 2dc 6 more times…..

When you reach the eight loop, once again make 2hdc and another 2hdc under the first loop of the next half hexagon.


neckline worked


Continue around like so…..making 2 dc under each loop apart from the first and last loop under which you make 2hdc stitches.

When you reach the last half hexagon, make 2 dc under the eight loop.


second point


Continue in pattern up to the second tail end of the shawl, working the “fill in the gap” pattern as you go…….

When you reach the tip, once again make the final single crochet on the inside, then 1 chain, a sc between the two sc of the previous round, chain 1 and then continue in pattern down the other side……


straight edge


Continue working along the edge, making 2 sc under each loop of the half hexagon, and 3 sc under the loops of the whole hexagon.


little gap


Between two straight edges you have a a single zigzag, fill in the little gap with the same pattern of sc, 2hdc, hdc etc….. make sure to chain 1 either end as they are the start and finish of straight edges.




Continue all the way around and then slip stitch home into the second link of the first chain you made.


I use UK terminology throughout….. but if you prefer the American then that is as follows….

A UK single crochet (sc) is an American double crochet (dc)

A UK half double crochet (hdc) is an American half treble (htr)

A Uk double crochet (dc) is an American treble (tr) and finally ….

A UK half treble (htr) is an American double treble (dtr)


These are links to the previous tutorials for making the shawl.

Finished shawl

half hexagons

joining the half hexagons into the missing gaps

chaining along


If you would like to know how to make the grannies paperweight crochet (it’s also called African Flower) then please go here as Heidi gives a wonderful tutorial, she also shows how to join them.


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