Grannies paperweight crochet shawl….

shawl with jacket


After more fannying and pfaffing than I thought possible, I’ve finally finished a winter shawl using the grannies paperweight crochet motif (it’s also called African flower but I prefer the granny name)……  it’s a bit scratchy and stiff still at the moment but on the whole I’m pretty pleased with the result.


shawl wrapped


It’s made up of whole and half hexagons, and then I’ve edged it with a super soft wool from my local yarn shop (I used Artesano DK alpaca.  It’s as soft and wispy as a cloud)   It’s wonderfully warm and I’m sitting here wearing it feeling somewhat on the verge of a hot flush (I’m not really complaining, I’m one of those people who feels chilly in August).

Apart from the fancy wool edging, the whole shawl is made from tapestry wool (most of which came from antiquey and charity shops)….. I love the incredible range of colours that opens up to use (I really think this pattern comes into it’s own when you use as wide a range of colours as possible… takes me back to when I was little and would buy quarters of sweeties from the village shop….there used to be a sweet called fair rock which I don’t think is made anymore, but it looked the same as this pattern)  the only down side to using a different colour for each and every row is there are an awful lot of tails to sew in when you’ve finished crocheting, but I think the end results are pretty fine.


crochet the hexagons


To make a shawl, start by crocheting your hexagons together (the best tutorial I found to make and join these was lovely Heidi’s)  You’ll need to make 32 whole hexagons and then 13 half hexagons.  I like to make my hexagons a bit smaller and so prefer to join them together on the fifth round.  Also I use a 4mm hook for the first 3 rounds then change to a 3.25mm for rounds 4 and 5.

I wrote about how I made half hexagons the other week so rather than repeat myself, the links to those are here….this is how I make my half hexagons and this is how I join them in.

I found it easier to make the shape of the shawl with the whole hexagons first and then fitted in the half hexagons afterwards (it’s a bit like making a jigsaw puzzle).


laid out


When you join them together you are looking to make a shape that curves around and overlaps in the centre.  (when I first crocheted this up I’d made it a bit too big at the front so I then had to unpick the edge at the front which is why that bottom row of hexagons has a slightly wiggly look*)


edge shape


And this shows how the point of the shawl is shaped  (it’s a bit hard to see on the first picture as the colours all blend in together)…..


joined hexagons


I just wanted to show a picture of the *original shawl (or the crochet that I had to unpick that I mentioned at the top)…… it looked fine but when I tried it on while I was working the edge, it looked too much like a bib for a baby and it also stuck out over my shoulders…..


These are the links you need to make the basic shape of the shawl.

Heidi’s hexagons

Heidi’s hexagons join as you go

My half hexagons

Joining my half hexagons into the missing gaps

Chaining around

Crocheting the edge










4 thoughts on “Grannies paperweight crochet shawl….

    1. Thank you, the colours were pretty random to be honest (when I was making them for my blanket I got a bit addicted and couldn’t stop!) I wore it out yesterday as it was bucketing it down all day and was proper chilly…felt lovely and warm.

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