Octobers gold and amber treasures……

autumn leaves



Oh hushed October morning mild,

Thy leaves have ripened to the fall,

Tomorrow’s wind, if it be wild,

Should waste them all.

(Robert Frost)


While the weather is still dry I’ve been walking out as much as possible, trying to stretch muscles that get all cramped when I’m hunched up sitting sewing or embroidering….even though I try to have regular breaks to stretch, and get up to make a fresh pot of tea, nothing seems to beat getting out of the house and taking a walk, fresh air blowing out cobwebs and Autumnal colours helping to inspire.


red and gold leaves


Freshly fallen leaves skitter and scratch on the pavements outside our house, piles of yellow, orange and chartreuse build up around trees and, almost cover the grass.  I can never just walk by them, and have to give them a good kick around sending leaves up into the air.  (it’s a very simple pleasure and one I look forward to each year) The dry crunch is a favourite October sound.




One of my neighbours trees is slowly turning colour, changing from bright green through shades of yellow, amber, copal, carmine and bright orange.  Each day it seems to look a little different, when the sun is shining just so, the tree seems caught alight, with branches ablaze.


gold and grey lichen


Autumnal colours are easily my favourite, odd and eerie combinations appear and wardrobe choices are heavily influenced by what I see out on my walks.  The light in the morning is so clear, hedgerow hues seem so defined and contrasting….I loved this mustardy yellow lichen on the silver grey bark… The lichen looks all lumpy and gnarly but in fact was so soft, like tiny pieces of carefully appliqued velvet.




It’s a gorgeous and bright golden mustard, and was almost covering the entire bark of this tree…it looked stunning, and seemed to transform the stark leaf fallen tree into something almost wild and otherwordly.


nestled like eggs


Under a bench I found a little cluster of mushrooms, sun warmed and soft brown like a clutch of freshly laid eggs in an almost hidden nest….  gentle shades of chamoisee, fallow, ochre and sepia……


guelder rose 4


These Guelder Rose berries are such a shock to the system, their jolly scarlet against bright green and orangey leaves are more like tiny Christmas decorations than something you expect to see in a hedgerow.




And then there are the greens, with the trees all changing to oranges and red, yellows and chestnuts, it’s amazing how much green there still is….dark shiny ivy and bright tiny ferns and bracken, mid green nettles, some of which are trailing beards of tiny flowers….


2 thoughts on “Octobers gold and amber treasures……

  1. Dear Ericka, I feel a connection with you! Every day I go walking to exercise my hip which I broke in 2011 falling on ice. There are beautiful trees with autumn foliage around here(Leicestershire). I love the red ones especially. I first came across you on the web when I was colouring 9 patches. The idea of painting & quilting going together was inspired. I don’t know how you find the time to do all these things! Thank you for sharing. Jill.

    1. Hi Jill,
      Sorry to hear about your fall (I love snow but am terrified of ice. When I was in my twenties I slipped on some ice and managed to cracka bone in my back which was incredibly painful…you have my sympathies and I hope your hip doesn’t give you any gyp now.
      I’m really lucky as I live so close to some wonderful walks, I can’t believe how quickly the scenery changes, especially now when the last couple of days we’ve had rain so everything is looking really bedraggled. Regarding how I mange to fit things in….not a lot of housework gets done, and the ironing is a once a week chore!

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