Then came October, full of merry glee…..



I love that line from The Faerie Queen by Edmund Spenser… captures perfectly these glorious sun filled autumnal days, when it’s still warm rather than chilly, and hedgerows are brightly coloured with jewel toned berries and orange and gold hued leaves.

I went for an early morning walk over the marshes and thought to gather some foraged treasures to make this O for October…..

I love the yellow of the buttercups with the purple thistles, there’s also dried sorrel seed, angelica, blackberries, oak leaves, rose hips, some tiny velvety mushrooms, dandylions and hawthorn.

I also saw the prettiest and tiniest Small Copper Butterfly, it was so velvety looking and had orange tipped wings however all my photos of it came out very wobbly and fuzzy.  It was so bright and looked lovely resting on the bright purple of the thistles.

Picking up tiny feathers, mushrooms, berries and leaves to make this was really fun, it helped clean out some ideas I’d been churning over and helped me come up with a few new ideas for embroidery designs…..when I’ve been walking over the Summer months I’ve noticed how the plants change so quickly form week to week, so I’m now thinking to make a month letter (or seasonal one) each time I go for a walk….I’d love to find one that someone else has made so hope this is something that makes any one walking today smile.








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