Gold and grey patchwork……

friendship block


I’ve just finished sewing two more hand pieced mini blocks for “dear ethel“, this one is a favourite colour combination of golden yellow and grey.  It’s called Friendship Block.  It’s very apt for today’s weather, bouts of glorious sunshine then grey and cloudy skies making everything dark and gloomy…..this morning started off really lovely and sunny, but now it’s really Autumny skied outside, I’ve put all the lights on in my work room as it’s so grey and gloomy.




And this little block (once again using some of that beautiful V and A fabric from Rowan) is called Honeymoon.  I used the pale blue because I wanted to combine something from both the red and pink fabrics, and thought using that colour worked the best (I also tried it with yellow and that looked good too but ended up going for blue)

This was block number 120 so only one more to make now…….I feel a bit sad that I’ve almost finished sewing them, however it’ll be nice to begin sewing round sashing fabric and then piecing them all together, but I probably won’t start that until after I’ve finished things for Christmas Fairs and the like.

I’m currently trying to get to grips with finishing the Granny’s Paperweight blanket, evenings when the light isn’t good enough for fine sewing or matching threads is spent sewing in tails and tackling those half hexagons and zigzagged edges, it feels like I’ve had my eureka moment and the blanket is finally coming together a bit better.

In the meantime I’ve also been working on a couple of other crocheted items which I hope to share very soon, but an eye infection and a crooky neck (I seem to have sat in a draught in my work room when the window was open) meant the weekend sewing and crocheting was quite literally, painfully slow.  Knowing I looked like Quasimodo with a semi closed eye and hunched up shoulder was a good excuse to stay inside and rest up on the sofa with a pot of tea.


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