Wild berry bonanza……..

guelder rose 1

Recently when I’ve been rambling about over the marshes behind our home, I found this group of trees with the most brightest red berry imaginable.  I was keeping my fingers crossed that they’d be edible (their colour is just so intense I was thinking it would make for the most glorious jewel bright jelly)… after cutting a small sprig to check what it was in reference books at home, I discovered it was a Guelder Rose.

guelder rose 2

At first it seemed it was edible but after more on-line research it would appear it’s best to leave it on the tree….firstly, it has a bit of a dog poop aroma (I only cut a small sprig so didn’t notice anything unpleasant but I guess it’s something that you notice if you pick a lot) however eating the fruit can make you have an upset tummy (both ends being affected)…..felt a bit down hearted as the berries are a wonderful uplifting colour, but decided it was best not to risk being poorly.

guelder rose 3

Right now the leaves of the Guelder Rose are changing colour, so they are a wonderful combination of green, gold, fiery oranges and ambers, red and crimson.  Mix all that in with the intense scarlet berries and you really do have a magnificent and spectacular array of colour.

Last week was incredibly sunny and the sky was the most Summery bright blue possible, the Guelder Rose trees just looked breathtaking against the blue sky and the green of the Oak tree leaves which were growing along side them.

arms can't quite reach

And just around the corner from the Guelder Rose was this huge tangle of blackberries and brambles…be still my beating heart..unfortunately all the fat berries were just too high and completely out of arms reach (I’d need to be about 9 or 10 foot tall to have reached them, even trying to reach some with a walking stick was pretty futile…I just ended up scratched, covered in leaves, cobwebs and bits of bramble bush but no doubt I looked very entertaining to any passing dog walkers) however they looked stunning and I figure the squirrels and mice are having a good feast on them.

Along with the opportunity to eat some of my favourite foods and puddings (roast chestnuts, baked squash, blackberry crumbles), it’s the sudden change in colour of the hedgerows and trees which makes Autumn possibly my favourite season. (when I was younger it was because I’m an October birthday girl….but as I’ve gotten older I seem to appreciate the changing seasons more)…..I find myself favouring brighter yarns and embroidery flosses, picking out turmeric oranges and reds, golds and bright chestnuts, ambers and mustardy yellows combining them with bramble and damson deep purples.


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