Bobbley blue crochet ……..



As I’ve mentioned before, I’m really not a very good knitter, I have to write down each row so I know exactly where I am in a pattern, and often have to unravel whatever I’m knitting (or knotting in my case) because I’ve made a really daft mistake.  However lately I’ve been slipping and passing over stitches, knitting two together and yarning over on purpose (and not by accident where I’ve gotten all distracted by watching Colin Firth and Jonny Lee Miller in Regency costumes).

This is all thanks to the beautiful Maria of  The Casting On Couch….I recently found some of her amazing knitting tutorials on you-tube, and basically just gave it a go…. seriously brilliant and easy to follow.  Anyway along with more knitting tutorials than you can shake a stick at, there is also one for this bouncy little crochet number.

I’ve changed it a smidge in that I make my bobble to include the yarn over the hook from the stitches which begin it (that doesn’t even sound English….anyway, I know what I do and it works a bit better for me) and I also give the bobbles a bit of a tug when they are completed as I find this bounces them up a bit better…….. but it’s a great tutorial and her knitting ones are just the bees knees as far as I’m  concerned (I still can’t believe I managed to lace knit!)

For this scarf  (which I’m hoping I’ll  have enough wool for to make a light and airy scarf to wear on days when I feel like channelling my inner Isadora Duncan) I used a 3.75 mm hook and the wool is some I bought a few years ago from Loop….it’s by Shilasdair and the colour is Atlantic Spray, it’s a blend of Cashmere, Baby Camel, Angora and Lambswool.  It’s dyed with Indigo and since it’s purchase has been lurking in a tote bag along with a Lush rose scented bath bomb…it smells gorgeous.  It’s a beautifully soft feeling wool (it really is as soft as a cloud), and the colour is the gentlest blue.




For a practise run I tried the stitch out using some yarn I’d bought years ago from a local charity shop (have no idea what it is, there were just a dozen small balls in a plastic bag for a pound), but I liked the colour.

I’m using a bigger hook, a 5mm (both hooks are Brittany which are my favourite, they feel wonderful and light to use, and make my hands feel very dainty)

I figure you can’t have enough scarves, and these are not only two very different shades of blue, but one is light and airy, the other is a bit of a bruiser in weight




And more basic knitting, I’m playing about with a couple of new dish cloth patterns…..can you believe I have been un-ravelling knitting for a dish cloth!  I wanted to try a different motif to the heart on the ones I made last year….it’s definitely back to the drawing board.

The huge ball of craft cotton was a charity buy, think it was a pound, maybe less….. I’ve already made three dish cloths from it….it’s amazing.


crewel wool


And lastly, this brilliant buy from my local shop of curiosities (a truck and tat shop as my dad would have said)…a gorgeous selection of crewel wool…… two pounds the lot.  Perfect for the embroideries I’ve been designing for Winter and Christmas fair produce.  (I love the Lady Penelope wool the most…..the colours are so nice, it’s also my favourite tapestry wool for embroidering too)


2 thoughts on “Bobbley blue crochet ……..

    1. Thank you…..I find crochet a lot easier than knitting…too many glimpses of Colin Firth and I’m purling what should be knitted and yarning over between stitches. Yeah it’s a great name isn’t it!

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