A cluster of patchwork stars……

evening star


The other week I wrote how just changing the placement of tone in a block can change it’s name.  The example I used was this patchwork block…however on reflection I felt there wasn’t really enough variation in the tone of the fabric I used so I unpicked it (not the first block I’ve unpicked for this quilt, but fingers crossed it’s the last one) and used the fabric to create two new blocks with greater contrast.

So this above block is the all new razzle dazzle version of Eight Point Star, it’s also known as Square and Points.  Basically it is a darker toned star on a lighter toned background.  Both fabrics are in my top ten of favourites, I’ve actually bought enough of the green floral fabric to make a frock, sadly the turquoise fabric is quite old (it’s from Sylvia’s stash) so what there is is what there is…..I think they look pretty fine together.


square and points


And when you reverse the tone (so a lighter star on a darker toned fabric) you have the block named Evening Star, which is also called Cluster of Stars….I love that name…….it’s the perfect name for a star patchwork.

It’s a beautifully simple block, and whether you chose this or the Eight Point Star variation, it always makes for a beautiful patchwork top.  It’s quite a traditional pattern but looks so fresh.


block selection


And this is a round up of some of the last few finished blocks that have been pieced for “dear ethel”.

I particularly like the bottom block using the daintily striped pink fabric, and also the central block.  Both use the gorgeous V an A fabric by Rowan…….quite simply I’ve lost my heart to it.


3 thoughts on “A cluster of patchwork stars……

  1. It’s also called a variable star or a sawtooth star. Whatever the name, it’s one of my favorite blocks. Versatile to use on its own, it also works well as the center of more complex blocks. I like your versions very much!

    1. Hi Melanie, ohhh that’s so interesting, in the books I’ve got they don’t mention those names so maybe it is a more modern name? Anyway, I’ve wrote them down in the big reference book so I’ll know in the the future. Yeah, I love this block too, it makes me think of the Churn Dash block, they always look so friendly and good natured….some blocks look like they’re grouchy and have been sucking lemons.

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