Patchwork blocks and The House of Elliot

four crowns


Another two little hand pieced blocks for dear ethel, not many to go now….this block is called Four Crowns, I just can’t get enough of that red floral V and A fabric, I just love it…..

I’m slowly drafting a dress pattern with this fabric in mind (I keep seeing rows of tiny fabric covered buttons) and I’ve got some hazy ideas for a blouse which seems to be flitting around the edges of my imagination……sometimes I find it hard to sketch out a design, it needs to sit (gather dust), slowly just be and grow before I’m able to put it down on paper…all the attempts at this blouse have been terrible so am letting it take it’s own time (am watching lots of House of Elliot for suitable creative inspirations……if you’re not familiar with it, The House of Elliot was a BBC TV costume drama which was set just after the First World War, it was about two sisters who set up their own couture house…it’s absolutely brilliant, the costumes are gorgeous, and there is more lovely sewing inspiration in it than you can shake a stick at, it’s also got the most danceable theme tune which I have to do a little dance to when I hear it….around the same time as it was on telly, French and Saunders did a wonderful pastiche of it which still makes me laugh out loud…it’s very naughty but very very funny)

Perhaps The House of Elliot was a subliminal inspiration….the peacock feather fabric is very 1920s looking.




And this rather patriotic coloured block is called Homegrown…. it makes me think of 1940’s forties home front pamphlets, keep the home fires burning and general patriotic rousing….. the blue floral print is a Lecien fabric, it’s a rather heavy woven cotton which frays like the devil, however it’s so soft, and is lovely to sew.

I think there are a few red,white and blue coloured blocks set aside for dear ethel, not that I’m particularly patriotic, it’s just a colour combination that seems to crop up by itself.


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