marvellous and magickal mushrooms….



Now the weather is slowly changing, Summer is coming to a close (though this week we’ve been having some truly magnificent September sunshine which is much appreciated) and Autumn is definitely making herself known……leaves on the ground are scrunchy, crisp and crunchy, fantastic oranges and yellows and rich browns……best of all are the mushrooms peeping up through the woody covering….. I think these ones look fantastic, their gills are so defined, and look so mushroomy.

Many look more like something wonderous and magickal you’d expect to see on the work table of Mister Finch than that growing quietly under plum trees and hedgerows…..


mushroom 1


This one is a poisonous one and is a Deathcap (Amanita phalloides) ……… it’s a sickly green shade and although it isn’t pretty it looked stunning growing under the hedgerow.


mushroom 2


In fact there were a couple growing, they looked amazing, that yellowy green was actually quite intense under the light of the trees and looked really eerie and definitely wasn’t something you’d want to be eating.  But there was something quite captivating about their elegant shape and that slightly sickly green..


mushroom 3


I’m always amazed at how the woody floor changes within a couple of days….earlier in the week there was nothing and now it seems every few steps there are new fungi and mushrooms pushing up through mulch and leaves….. I love their shape and colour though am not confident enough to pick any for cooking……I’d rather enjoy their beauty as they grow (though mushrooms are a favourite food and I could happily eat them round the clock)


mushroom 4


And it’s not just under shaded canopies of trees and under hedges, even in the open on the verges into the city, masses of mushrooms are growing, maybe because we’d had a little rain the day before but the grass was full of soft shades of brown, umber, fawn, chamoisee, buff and camel, taupe, tawny and sienna……weird shapes growing, stretching upwards out of the green.


mushroom 5


These look like something Gaudi could have designed, in their cluster they look so architectural….. they were a beautiful soft velvety brown with speckled tops…the verge was covered in them.






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