Squares and Stars…..

square and star


I’ve finished piecing three more little blocks for “dear ethel“…. these ones are all named with squares and stars in mind…. this block is called “Square and star” and uses a beautiful red V and A print from Rowan fabrics, it’s a new favourite and I’m hoping at some point to be able to make a frock using this fabric…I think it’s just gorgeous…..this block is a four patch block (meaning it divides into four blocks though actually it’s more of a 4 x 4 block being worked over 16 small sections).  I really like how the fabrics compliment each other with their leafy patterns.


amish star


Using the Rowan fabric again, this time I’ve mixed it in with the golden “my folklore” collection print from Lecien…..this block is called “Amish Star”, it’s a nine patch block (meaning the design of it is worked over nine blocks)….I like how the central star radiates outwards.  Although both fabrics seem a whole world apart in print, both are floral are I think blend together beautifully.  Mustardy gold and red is a definite favourite combination of colours.


garden square


And the last block in this little group is called “Garden Square”…it’s another nine patch block and uses a mix of prints and fabrics.  I kept to one colour and played around with shades and hues….initially I tried using four very different colours but it looked a bit garish and felt the blues worked better.  I thought the tiny animal print helped bring the blues together (even though I have this print in blue, I just thought it looked fresher using the creamy white)



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