Sunday afternoon strolling…..


We’ve just got home after going for a Sunday afternoon stroll….the weather was perfect, sunny and bright, not too hot, just glorious.  We had a basket and were picking blackberries for a pudding (I’m trying out a blackberry clafoutis for tonight’s tea) when all of a sudden I realised part of the blackberry bush to where I was standing was making a noise…I stepped back and realised I was face to face with this little fellow, who was fair stuffing his face with blackberries…..he was so content and paid no heed at all to us.  We decided to move on and leave the rest of the berries to him.


After walking round the edge of the pasture, we went through a swing gate and walked along this little shaded piece of lane….lane is probably too fancy a word, it’s just a path, dappled in sunlight, trees and bushes meet overhead…’s so quiet then whoosh a train goes by.   The train track runs along the back of the left side hedge.

shady tree

The right side is full of trees in shade, from the corner of my eye I see small birds flitting among the undergrowth…..


The canopy overhead breaks open and when we turn round there is this lovely metal curved arch, honeysuckle grows up one side, the other side is covered with fat blackberries (which soon find a home in my tummy)…I love the glint of metal amongst the green.


Squatting down to look at other plants we find these fat round mushrooms, I have no idea what they are, they look like fat bird eggs because they are speckled….they nestle in amongst delicate yarrow leaves which look like dainty green feathers.


We walked along the river path which meanders and twists, we came round the corner and found our way today blocked by a small herd of cows.  Oddly I was just about to say “ohh, do you think cows ever get up this high” (the path overlooks the marshes by a good few feet) so we turned back and chose a different route….


Walking back from the cows I noticed these wild hops growing by the side of the path…not enough to brew a beer I’m afraid…they had a soft sweet smell.


Part of the pathway behind the train track… was filled with sunlight and shadows….the bushes on one side are full of dark fat sloes…think it’s going to be a good year for those as well as the blackberries.


We came across this great chap, I love gnarly trees and this one looks splendid…I think the twisted turning trunk is amazing, it’s like super fancy cable knitting.


We walked a slightly different way home, a path that’s normally boggy was dry enough to walk on, and we found loads more sloes and blackberries….I think how the trees and bushes meet up over our heads looks wonderful, the sunlight is dappled and the trees and leaves form beautiful shadows.


Thick green moss grows on the trees, it’s so soft and springy to the the touch.  The most gorgeous intense green…..I love it….I always have to touch it because it feels so nice and velvety.


And more mushrooms, like a fat cluster of brown hen eggs.  Their caps are a beautiful fawn colour, a warmer brown on top.  The colours now, at the end of Summer, and the very start of Autumn are possibly my favourite hues….. flame and fire of fallen leaves and the soft,warm brown of mushrooms, combined with bright red and the deep, dark purples of hedgerow berries.


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