Marshy meanders and rustling reeds…….

little bridge


Another marshy meander….this is a slightly quicker route to the blackberries…..the pasture was a tad squishy underfoot as we’d had a lot of rain, and it was a bit churned up from whwere the cows had been……but it’s still passable, another month or so and this will be a strictly wellies only route….when it rained so much at the start of the year this meadow was completely under water ……….. I love this little bridge, it’s a bit of a tight fit at the other end!


purple loosestrife


The purple loosestrife is still blossoming, it grows here in great swathes, colouring the meadows a gorgeous byzantine purple.


tufted vetch


And the tufted vetch shows no sign of slowing up either, it’s almost as abundant here as the bluebells I saw in the woods back at Easter.

This is probably my favourite of the wild flowers, actually I like all the vetches but the tufted vetch is my favourite soft hue, I ove how the tendrils curl in the the air and their delicate leaves float and tremble at the slightest of breezes.


walking through the rushes


Walking home I come through the rushes, a walkway has been cleared so the rushes and reeds constantly rustle either side…..the reeds and rushes grow really tall, over 6 ft so you are quite enclosed as you are walking along.




The reeds sway and rustle in the breeze……


reeds and meadowsweet


Amongst the reeds the meadowsweet grows taller than out on the more open pastures and marshes…….every so often I saw dragonflies and damselflies perched on a white frothy flowerhead.

The rushes move and sway, the noise is reminiscent of dry finger tips being brushed together….they  remind me of horse tails and of wild manes being tossed, perhaps this is where stories of kelpies and horse sprites on marshes and riversides originate from…


reeds in the breeze


Sunlight flickers on the reeds, rushes and sedges as they dance in the breeze…keeping time to air, filled with the sound of grasshoppers and crickets.




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