A crown and a crow……

flying crow


Here are the latest of the hand-pieced mini blocks for “dear ethel”….. this block is called Flying Crow, it’s come out a bit pinker than I had originally planned, in my head I saw it as more purple and dark…however these fabrics seemed to work a lot better together and also when I laid them out around some other blocks I’d pieced, the dark colours just looked all gloomy and wrong…..the pink polka dot fabric started out as a rather odd shaped top from the car boot (I probably only paid pence for it)…I washed it and then cut off all the seams so I could use the fabric as it was a nice quality.  I’ve used it a few times in the “dear ethel” patchwork top as it’s a fabric I’m very fond of.


king's crown


This block is called King’s Crown and I’ve used a mix of green, sea greeny turquoisey (definitely it’s official name!) and a tiny little purple print (which was a tatty old dolls dress from the car boot…it was a bit of a shame to cut it up as it had all been hand stitched but it was torn so didn’t truly feel terrible)….I started out just using blues and green for this block but they weren’t really working (actually I’m sure they looked fine as I’ve used that combination lots already…I probably just wasn’t in a “bluey green” mood) but then when I played around with adding a little (royal?) purple then the block seemed to look much better.


newest selection


And this is the latest round up of the blocks pieced for “dear ethel“…. I’ve now sewn 105 little 6 inch blocks……I’m trying to sort out some wall space out so I can tape them up to photograph (my “design board” such as it is, really only sits 12 comfortably)

I feel a bit sad that I’ve made so many blocks already as this has been such a lovely project for me to make (re-reading that makes me laugh because it sounds like I’ve almost finished…you’d think all I had left to do was sew down that last side of binding to hear me talk)….but sorting out through my favourite fabrics, emptying out scrap boxes trying to find last tiny precious scraps to use in something I know I’m going to treasure for the rest of my life (if our house ever catches fire, Bernard will be tucked under one arm, and this will be under the other, with the granny’s paperweight blanket wrapped around my shoulders like a big old shawl….), and carefully looking through hundreds and hundreds (actually thousands) of blocks has been all part of my quilt making…sort of like “the making of, or behind the scenes, how did they do that kind of thing which you get on “collector edition” dvds….once the last block has been pieced, I’ve still got plain coloured fabrics to chose for the binding, and also a border (I’m thinking Flying Geese) so the patchwork piecing still has a way to go….


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