All set for autumn with a granny scare scarf….

granny scare

I want to do a little trumpety trump trump fanfare……I’ve finally finished sewing in all the tiny woolly tails on the back of my “granny scare crochet scarf”….. actually they didn’t take all that long, I’d just rather not be doing woolly things in the summer when it’s lovely and warm…however we had such a wet and miserable weekend (weather wise only…indoors I actually had a rather lovely long weekend with the Arpette..watching favourite films, sewing in woolly tails and having no end of pots of tea and cuddles with the cat…the sun even got out for a few hours late Sunday afternoon and we went for a gorgeous long walk over the Marshes, along the back of the train track.  We investigated and explored some woody parts we’d not been before, so it felt like a proper expedition…picked a basket full of blackberries and in all had a rather nice afternoon…we even met a new doggy friend called Abby…her dad  had a dog treat in his pocket and she took it from me so carefully….I’m sure dog walkers are the friendliest of folk)…….anyway, because the weather had turned and was wild wet and windy (oh my, talking of windy…the cat was terrible….he had terrible wind, and because he was indoors because of the rain we were very aware of how whiffy it was…he’s like a little trumpety old man)….I thought it wise to find up the “granny scare” scarf and sew in the ends…I also added a few more squares as it wasn’t quite long enough to wrap around my neck as comfortably as I like.

finished scarf

I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out…I half played with crocheting an edge and doing a fancy little picot stitch on the ends but I decided I preferred it as it was, so any embellishments quickly were un-ravelled and I gave those sections a little pull so the squares neatened up again.

I suppose I could block it but I don’t think it really needs it, by the time it’s been wrapped around me a few times it will be impossible to see if it’s been blocked or not (also I know either The Arpette or the cat will stand on any pins while it is blocking so it’s as easy in the long run not to bother)

finished granny scare

All of the wool is tapestry wool, most of which I bought in a huge bundle from a charity shop back at the end of April…I’ve bought a couple of new skeins where I wanted to use a particular colour and didn’t have it, but for the most part this was all charity shop and car booty tapestry wool….

If I’d had the money I’d have just gone wild and bought one of every colour in Jamiesons of Shetland wool as I really love their wool, and their colours are amazing…however the funds wouldn’t stretch that far (maybe one day) so I happily settled for tapestry wool…. actually tapestry wool comes in such a vast array of shade and hue that it didn’t particularly feel like settling in the slightest.

And while I appreciate this scarf might not be for the most faint of heart as it’s so bright and colourful, I think it’ll help to banish the winter blues on even the most down cast and dreary of days……


On average I found one skein (measuring 8 metres) makes one centre, one middle and one outside round… a combination of three skeins makes for three alternate coloured squares (though I mixed mine up a lot more than that)

You can make up a whole load of the tiny squares using just two rounds and then set them aside before joining them together for the third and final round.  I think it’s important to have good light to work by, partly because if not you’ll get achy eyes (yay…and now I’ve got this in my head, many apologies if I spread it to you too….) but also it’s quite hard to see how some of the colours look when the light is poor.

I used a 3mm crochet hook to work the squares (it makes for quite a chunky square but that is how I prefer my crochet to be) though you could use a 4mm…I tried that size to begin with and it was fine (I just prefer my crochet to be tighter)

The scarf is made up of ninety nine squares in all…..33 rows with 3 squares in a row….

It’s crocheted together as you make it….and the stages of the scarf and how you “join as you go” can be seen in the links below to previous posts.

crocheting a scarf whiles on a day trip to Holt

inspired by Nanny Mcphee

join as you go granny squares….

join as you go granny squares part two….

joining together granny squares as you go part one….

joining together granny squares as you go part two….


2 thoughts on “All set for autumn with a granny scare scarf….

    1. Thank you…I was a bit worried by my boyfriend’s face when I tried it one (he’s not really one for lots of colour) but I wanted something really bright and uplifting for when those grey damp days of English winter kick in.

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