Influenced by river walks and raspberry jam…..

mill wheel


More finished blocks for “dear ethel”….. this one is called Mill Wheel, and I’ve sewn it using similar toned blues and greens which sort of blend into one another in the picture, but in “real life” there is more contrast amongst the fabrics.

The colours are very watery and I’m sure the walks over the marshes along the river are influencing some of my colour choices.  I went for a walk there this week and the river was really high and so clear, stupidly I forgot to take my camera, but you could see all the little pebbles along the river bed in the the water….and then deeper were the billowing green plants that grow in the main body of the river…..skimming over the surface were damselflies and dragonflies.


love in a mist


This block is called Love in a Mist….initially I was planning on using a darker purple (perhaps a blackberry hue) but I didn’t see anything suitable in my basket of fabrics, so ended up choosing this lighter purple and lavender floral print.   At the moment I’m making batches of raspberry and blackberry jams, the bright raspberry red and the deep purple blackberries seem to have combined together in this patchwork block.

The red fabric is the same as the blue floral print in the top block and is an “Old Town” fabric print.

Both blocks were pieced on the diagonal rather than in horizontal rows.


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