Two new blocks and a case of deja vu…



A few more blocks for “dear ethel”…..I found this fantastic spotty blue fabric in the bottom of a bag of scraps from Sylvia which I found in the back of my wardrobe, it’s a Tana Lawn cotton so is lovely and light to sew.  I thought it looked great with the turquoise blue fabric and then played around with other colours before settling for the grey rose print…. I thought the pink in the floral fabric works really well and compliments the blues.

The block itself is called Quarterfoils and was a proper treat to piece together…’s probably in my top ten of favourite fabric combinations and I’d certainly make this block up again (I’m thinking to make some patchwork cushions for the sofa to brighten it up for the Winter)




And this bright and cheerful little block is called Arizona.  I’ve used the mustardy gold Lecien floral print with a orangey red print both from The Eternal Maker, with a tiny piece of red fabric I had which I’d bought at a car boot…..wish so much I had bought more of it when I had the chance, however when I had a sort out of fabric that had been squirrelled away in the wardrobe I found a huge piece (over 2 meters long) of the same print but in a dark blue, almost a navy which isn’t normally a colour I’d wear but I do like the little pattern) that I’d bought a few years ago from a charity shop for a pound…so am currently drafting a couple of dress blocks as I think it would work nice as a frock and it’s just heavy enough to have a good drape.

I love how colourful this block looks, the fantastic sunshine (which I know I was grumbling about because it was a bit too hot) seems to have disappeared, and it’s now overcast and really pippy in the mornings and evenings (I’m sitting here wearing a cardigan and a jaunty little scarf….in August….it just doesn’t seem right at all) anyway this combination of colours is my way of hanging onto as much Summer as I can before it is well and truly Autumn.


1941 9 patch


And in case you think you are suffering from an attack of deja vu and this block looks familiar…it’s not you it’s me being a right old fussy pants…I originally made this block back in June  …. but on reflection I’m not so pleased with it (it doesn’t really work so well with the other prints) so, I decided to re-sew it using some different fabrics…I think it works much better now, and I can use the original pink and green block in a cushion or something….maybe make it in to a pot holder in the kitchen.

Anyway, the block is called 1941 9 Patch.  I like the corally apricot print with the greeny blue, it’s a good combination of colours and different prints.


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