Saturday afternoon strolling….



Last Saturday afternoon before the weather turned and it became all wet and most un-August like, I went out for a walk over the Marshes near our home…it’s nice sometimes to get out of the house and really stretch, swinging my arms as I walk along…sitting hunched over small pieces of patchwork doesn’t do a lot for ones posture (it certainly doesn’t do anything for a rapidly increasing bottom)….but maybe because I’ve been sewing very small things I find myself concentrating on small things when I am out of doors….I noticed this little hoverfly on some Lesser Knapweed.  At first I thought it was a type of bee….. anyway I was really struck by the lovely caramel and mustard colours of it’s body.


golden vetch


The pasture now is full of golden vetch, a couple of weeks ago there was barely any, guess the sunshine and the rain combined have helped it burst into growth….it looked amazing in the grass, such bright yellow flowers.  It’s such a delicate bloom, and one of my favourite wild flowers.


blue tufted vetch


And the blue tufted vetch was also growing with wild abandon…it reminded me of the walk back in the Spring when we went looking for bluebells.  It’s a very similar blue hue, it’s an amazing colour.  Sadly it doesn’t have the scent of the bluebells but I love the delicate little fronds, and the shape of it’s leaves…’s given me a few new ideas for some embroidery….



first sloes


On the way back (after a sit down on the bench with a little snack, and some blackberry picking…I now take a few little bags with me each time I set out, just in case)….I spotted some big fat purple sloes…it’s a bit too early to pick them yet but it’s good to know they are about.  It looks like it’s been another good year for them…I’ve still got some of the Sloe Vodka I made last year left, but would like to try making some sloe and blackberry jelly as I found an old recipe for that and thought it sounded interesting.




Best of all….a glimpse of purple in the hedgerow intrigued me enough to move back a branch to reveal a small harvest of bullaces… a rich and deep purple amidst the dark green leaves… I moved a branch to one side and found this lovely cluster of bullaces…they weren’t ready to pick yet, they need another week at least to ripen up first.  Made a note to myself where they were growing (they were quite well hidden) and will return in a week or so to check their progress……in the meantime I loved the combination of deep dark purple and the green so am thinking perhaps a block for “dear ethel” in those colours….or maybe a scarf (deep green with small glimpses of purple )


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