Cooler hues and pastels…..

small triangle quilt


I’m still in the mood for ices and cold drinks, any fabric choices for patchwork blocks for “dear ethel” are being influenced by the hot and sticky weather, and my desire to feel a little cooler.  I love this strawberry ice cream pink print by Lecien, for me it really captures the days I spent at the sea side when me and my sisters were all small…. building sand castles, making moats and cooling off with brightly coloured buckets of sea water, getting sand in your sandwiches, being rubbed dry with rough towels at the end of the day and the best treat of all, an ice cream while we waited for the bus home……

This block is called Small Triangle Quilt, it’s a little fiddly getting the points of the triangles to meet up properly (there was some un-picking and a few swears).


large star


This block uses a couple of Lecien floral prints, the red and black one is from a few years ago.

In some books this block is called Large Star but it’s also known as Crow’s Foot.  I actually found it easier to piece together than the block above, the tinier triangles being simpler to join around the four central squares.

The pale blue print reminds me a little of watery Slush Puppies that I really liked when I was small….





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