hedgerows and verges



One of my favourite plants I see in the hedgerows and pastures near my home is yarrow.

I love the shape of it’s delicate little leaves, and it’s whipped up frothiness of blossom before it unfurls to reveal the flower head.


yarrow unfurling


Last week there was a huge patch of green, where all the yarrow was curled up tight.  But after a few days of hot sunshine and a weekend of more rain than you’d believe in August (it wasn’t a bank holiday so there was no excuse for such terrible weather) the yarrow is now unfurling, and the air is really quite heavy with it’s slightly medicinal perfume.


candy flossed


I love how the blossom is so frothed and spun, like candy flossed and then pollen speckled on the fronds and stem below….like a tiny fairy as been round dusting them all with icing sugar.




Another plant that is growing really well this year is gorgeous and golden ragwort..it’s such a rich glorious yellow but it’s pretty stinky so is best admired without picking it to take home for a jam jar.


precariously balanced


I’m noticing a lot of bizarrely situated snails this year, I’d remembered to take my camera out with me so could take a quick picture of this precariously balanced little fellow…


be still my beating heart


And walking into town by a slightly different route I came across this beauty…..be still my beating heart….(sampled a couple of the really ripe ones….eye closingly good, sweet yet also a little sharp)




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