A green canopy….

canopy overhead

When I walk into town I prefer to take what I call “the wild way”…… it’s a slight detour which takes me under a vast canopy of greenness….


It doesn’t seem to matter the weather, it’s always my favourite walk…in the Summer when it’s hot, walking under the tree is wonderfully cool….when it’s a rainy day (and I’ve not taken the bus in) then the trees provide as much shelter as my brolly.

I love how the Ivy hangs from some trees like beautiful growing curtains….


It’s just so green.  The branches overhead meet, and tangle, forming  a roof of leaves high up above.  The sun shines through in small patches, casting dappled shadows under the trees on the footpath.

Another bonus is not a lot of people seem to walk their dogs along here so it remains, relatively dog poo free.

wild plums

The hedgerow harvest is a good one this year, not only have the blackberries been really spectacular but the wild plums have been really sweet.  Some I picked and made into jam, some were picked and went straight in my tummy….I much prefer the taste of the wild plums over the ones in the shops.  Don’t like them cooked in crumbles or pies though…. but a rainy old afternoon spent on the sofa with a black and white film or a good book and wild plum jam on toast*….bliss.

*especially good on bread that has been spiced with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg  and a handful of raisins.

cob nuts

At my last house I was lucky enough to have a little hazel copse at the bottom of the garden (it wasn’t a big garden, just a long skinny terrace house one) each year I’d cut the hazel down for the most beautiful looking bean and squash supports.  I’d see cob nuts growing and start planning what to bake with them, however I never got the chance to use the ones in my garden as the local squirrels would get to them first.  It made my heart leap a little to see this crop on my way in to town, but at the same time I felt sad because I want Summer to last longer.

beech nuts

We’ve also got lots and lots of Beech trees growing around here and they seem as laden with nuts as the brambles are with blackberries.

I’ve been told you can lightly toast the nuts and eat them like pine nuts on pasta and salads, or like cob nuts and hazel nuts in a crumble topping…..they aren’t really ready quite yet but I’m hoping to go out foraging for some in a few weeks when they are ready.

I’ve also spotted some Sweet Chestnut trees as well…….apart from the prospect of hot puddings (especially chocolatey ones with thick sauces and custards oozing out under the sponge) one of my “look forward to’s” of Autumn is seeing the Roast Nut stall on London Street.  In the Summer there is an ice-cream stall there, but then once the days turn chillier, it goes away and the Roast Nut stall appears…. for just a couple of pounds you can buy a little paper bag of roast chestnuts which are always so good, I like popping the bag into my coat pocket (it feels lovely and warm) and then eating the nuts as I window shop or walk home…. I realise a lot of the things I like about each season are very much centred around my tummy and what is good to eat.  I am indeed a proper Missus Tummy Tumpkins.


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