Variations of blue and yellow…

streak of lightening


I’m using some of the new fabrics from The Eternal Maker, these are both Lecien prints.

I love how the pale blue compliments the yellow floral fabric, it really picks out the blue tipped flowers.  This block is called Streak of Lightning, it’s nice and easy to sew up and would be a nice block to sew if you’re not an over confident hand sewer, triangles tend to be a little trickier.


little steps


Another yellow and blue variation….though the blue ths time is almost a green,  I’m using the gorgeous Lecien gold print again (it’s from Leciens folklore collection)…the bluey green fabric is from a local fabric store and there were no details on the fabric so I don’t know who it is by.  It’s got a bit of a retro feed sack feel to it, and I thought it would be happy nestled in amongst other prints in my “dear ethel quilt”.

The block name in the book just lists it as unknown which I feel is a bit of a shame…. I think the tiny squares look like little steps…so I’m going to call this Little Steps (I hate to think it hasn’t a name)


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