Crystal Star patchworking……

crystal star


I’ve made a couple of blocks up in chestnut and lemon …. it’s a colour combination that I first noticed here and pretty much fell in love with….

The brown chestnuty  floral fabric is quite old and is what The Arpette bought me back some years ago when he was working in Germany…. the lemony yellow fabric is a current favourite which I bought from The Cotton Patch a few weeks ago.

Anyway, this block is called Crystal Star, and it’s drawn on a four patch block (unlike most of the “dear ethel” blocks which are nine patch).

Getting the triangle points to match up is always a bit tricky, and if it doesn’t look right I’ll happily un-pick it until it sits better.  When you are joining triangle points by hand, the trick is to sew just above the line you are sewing, only by a milometre or so at the place where the points are joining.  This seems to give the fabric a little bit of space and the triangle points lay nice and flat.


northern lights


This block is called Northern Lights, and I’ve used chestnut and lemon again… this time though I’ve used the yellow Lecien floral print from The Eternal Maker.  I like how both the fabrics here have blue flowers in them.



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