Sorbet and ice cream inspirations….

noon and light


I’ve used another Lecien floral print in this red and lemony block…it’s called Noon and Light and reminds me of deep red fruit syrups poured over sorbets and summer ices……the yellow fabric is a Storybook Classics (number 40 I think) from Wynham fabrics and it’s one of my all time favourite yellow prints, I particularly like the tiny sprigs of minty green amongst the lemony flowers.

This was a lovely block to sew together, the corner sections are all sewn first and then they are joined around the central square.


big dipper


The colours in this block remind me so much of strawberry milkshakes, the ones that are all frothy and bubbly on top and are drunk with stripey paper straws, and cornet cones full of pistachio ice cream.

Years ago I had the most wonderful holiday in Italy, I stayed with a family who lived near the sea side in Tuscany and every day there was an outing for ice-cream (or gelato)*…I never tired of making up different combinations and loved putting chocolatey creams with fruity sorbets and sweet jewel coloured syrups… one of my favourites was a pistachio and mascarpone cream in a brioche roll…topped with a little whipped cream.  So these patchwork blocks are a small homage to a wonderful holiday and a delicious three weeks of ice cream tasting.

It’s one of those blocks that seems to have lots of different names including Big Dipper, Pork and Beans, Envelope Quilt, Bow Ties,Hour Glass, The Whirling Blade (which makes it sound all Errol Flynn and swashbucklery…) and Yankee Puzzle.


*and if you think “well I bet she came home from that holiday as fat as a mole”….bizarrely I lost about 10 lbs which just goes to prove gelato must be a health food!








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