I’m just mad about saffron…….

dutchman's puzzle


I’ve already written about this lovely Summery saffron hued block, called Dutchman’s puzzle…however I’m still on a yellow kick and made up some more primrose and lemony hued blocks for my “dear ethel” quilt to keep this one compnay


jacob's ladder


This block is called Jacob’s Ladder, it combines small squares and triangles and was lovely to piece together.  I’ve used two of my favourite yellow fabrics, I think the paler floral print compliments the golden Lecien print really well.


ladies aid album


This block is called Ladies Aid Album and I’ve used a variety of saffron and lemon hued prints. I wasn’t sure at first about using the marmalade  and yellow polka dot print but then thought it added some contrast.  The more I look at it the more I like it.


swamp angel


Swamp Angel probably should have been made in murky browns and marshy greens but I really liked how it looked when I sketched it out in these bright citrussy shades.


Mrs Miller and some of her favourites


This is a group picture of the latest nine blocks I’ve finished for “dear ethel”, I love the brightly coloured red block (Mrs Miller’s Favourite) and the yellow triangled Dutchman’s puzzle…..but I also the paler blocks which look like they’re sun faded and slightly timeworn.





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