Strawberry splits and sugar almond shades…..

stack of fabrics


I recently bought some new fabrics, I love reproduction style prints and thought these would be perfect for my “dear ethel” quilt.

The fabric all comes from The Eternal Maker which is a lovely shop recommended to me by one of my nieces.


blue and pink


I ended up choosing some very Summery and sugary shades ….they made me think of coloured almonds.


fabric green and blue


I really like blue and green mixed with yellow…I do seem to be on a bit of a yellow kick at the moment.  These are cooler hues though still nice and bright.


pinks and red


These red and pink fabrics make me think of days out at the seaside, sweet and sticky fruit lollies, strawberry split ices and frothy topped milkshakes….

Pretty much all the fabrics are by Lecien, which for a long time now has been one of my favourite companies for “old style” themed fabrics.

The exceptions being the teal fabric with red,blue and yellow flowers…that is a Riley Blake Design, and the red floral print (the lighter one) is by Blue Hill Fabrics.













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