Piecing a Summer and sunshine patchwork….

dutchman's puzzle 002


At the moment I’m on a bit of a yellow kick with my fabric ….it’s probably  to do with the sunny weather we’re having and wanting to eat lemon curd creams and sorbets….  I’m piecing a new block for my “dear ethel” quilt that’s made up of lots of yellow hued triangles….


dutchman's puzzle 005


When I cut out the small pieces for a block, I also draw up a little thumbnail of the block and colour it in so I can refer to it when I’m sewing (this seems to help me stop joining tiny patchwork pieces upside down and in the wrong pattern)


dutchman's puzzle 009


I’m using a couple of yellow fabrics, the gorgeous golden fabric is a Lecien print from The Eternal Maker, the white fabric with the cute animal motif is also a Lecien print but it’s a couple of years old now so I’m not sure if it’s still available.


dutchman's puzzle 013


Just sewing the pieces together makes me want to get an ice-cream out of the freezer or drink some lemonade……I really like lemon curd in ice cream but it’s also good with yoghurt and probably better for my waist-line.

I love how the colours of these fabrics are a match for some of the gorgeous shades of vintage Sylko Dewhurst threads such as saffron and lemon.


dutchman's puzzle


All finished….this block has a  couple of different names including Dutchman’s Puzzle, Dutchman’s Wheel, Wheel, and Wild Goose Chase….

It’s pieced triangles like this that I’m thinking to make when I finally need to make a border…but that is a long way off yet…..


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