Fox-glove fingers

foxglove fingers

One of the down sides to picking blackberries (apart from getting stung by nettles, and getting scratched by all the tangles and brambles…) is the inevitable fox-glove staining of fingers…

blackberry stains

The berries I picked today seemed to be particularly stain inducing and I soon ended up with bright purple fingers…(and when I got home found I had purple stains around my cheeks and mouth from a few little tasting samples along with half a bramble bush and a cobweb in my hair)…

purple fingers

I really like the bright magenta the berries left my’s such a magnificent colour.

stained fingers

The berries were really sweet and I’ve now filled our tiny little freezer with bags of huge deep purple berries….I’m hoping to make them into crumbles and cobblers come winter.

(a good scrub with a nail brush, lemon juice and some baking powder soon cleaned my fingers up)


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